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The Family
The Family


At the turn of the seventeen hundreds in the medieval and historic wine cellar of an important building in Certaldo Alto, forever the family home, the production of fine wines was begun.  A flourishing trade then ensued with the two nearby and wealthy cities of Siena and Florence.
In the second half of the eighteen hundreds, a great grandfather of the present owners, Giuseppe Giannozzi, enlarged the property with the purpose of a second ‘nucleus’ of land.  It was he himself who, at the beginning of the nineteen hundreds, ensured the first industrial wine cellar be built.  After the First World War he purchased the sixteenth century farm-villa at Marcialla from the Ulivi Counts.  Still today the villa is a symbol of the Giannozzi farms and appears upon the labels of their products.
His son, Francesco, ultimately extended the Farm building and gave it the configuration it still has today.  He also set his exportation targets mainly for the United States.
In the nineteen sixties the sharecropping system disappeared.  The father of the present owners, Luciano Giannozzi, decided to direct more energy in wine production and while sensitively caring for the land, he extended the surface of vine cultivation.  In the nineteen eighties the company abandoned the historical wine cellar of Certaldo in order to build a more modern and better functioning cellar, together with a new wine producing farm based near Marcialla, where most of the company’s land now lies.
Today the owners are two of Luciano’s three children, Luca and Simone Giannozzi.  Luca is in charge of wine and extra virgin olive oil production (both high quality products and in high demand).  Simone is mainly in charge of the tourism sector;  for, as well as the farm producing fine quality wine and olive oil, it  has also created a sophisticated Bed and Breakfast establishment within the Villa.
A member of the eleventh generation, Bernardo Giannozzi, Luca’s son, flanks the two owners.  He is in charge of the wine cellar.  Other young people are ready and willing to join the family work force.


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