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Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility


Sustainability, environmental impact and ecological farming play an important part in the principle values our company has been pursuing for years.
In the area of packaging, for example, our company uses the lightest form of glassware for its bottles;  thus polluting less.  So it is that the activities of Reducing, Re-using and Re-cycling have been the watchwords of our farms for many years.
Regarding the environment, our company has shown itself to be active in the field of renewable energy.  In 2004 the Giannozzi farms installed (photovoltaic) solar energy panels in its agritourism.  And, in 2007, it covered the entire surface (1,350 square metres) of its wine cellar’s roof with a large solar panel installation;  thus resulting in not only a drastic reduction of the pollution emission level, but also the increase of many economic advantages to the farms themselves and their produce.
‘I Ragazzi di Siparo’ (The Sipario Youth Group) is a social cooperative whereby young people with mental or physical disabilities are able not only to follow every phase of the production of a bottle of our Chianti wine at our farm, but are also able to actively take part in these activities.  This project took off this year with the 2014 grape harvest among the rows of grape vines at the Ceppa vineyard, one of our company farms.



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